Plán puppies Spring 2024 






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How to reserve a puppy

Information for those interested in our puppies:

If you are interested in booking a puppy from our kennel, please write us a few lines about yourself by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

  • Where and in what way will the dog live (garden, house, apartment, ...)?
  • Do you already have any pets or experience with dogs?
  • What do you buy a dog for (sports, shows, companions, ...)?
  • Do you prefer a male or a female?
  • Why did you choose the white Swiss Shepherd breed?

We expect from our future owners of puppies proper treatment, responsibility, human society, quality food and health care and mutual communication about how the puppy is doing. A dog is a social creature (a member of your household) that has its needs and it is up to its owner to give it everything.




Our dogs are part of our whole family and raising puppies is always a great pleasure for us, so we always plan everything in advance so that we have enough time to take care of puppies, be properly socialized for their age, pampered and have enough nutrition for their proper development. We raise puppies indoors and outdoors, they are used to the usual bustle of the household, household appliances, they have contact with people, children, and dogs. They are used to driving and other outdoor activities in relation to the seasons.

The puppies receive quality granulated food and meat and excellent veterinary care. At collection, the puppies are properly dewormed, vaccinated, chipped and inspected by a responsible person who inspects the litter designated by the White Shepherd Club.

When collecting puppies, they will receive an information brochure of the breed, the necessary information about education and nutrition, basic equipment for the puppy, including feeding for the first days at home. At collection, the puppies will be insured for 10 weeks for illness, injury and liability from PetExpert. It is then up to you whether you will continue with this insurance or not.

The bred puppies will have the prerequisites for various dog sports and shows, but above all they will be wonderful family companions. The puppy must not suffer mentally or physically in the new home.

We offer new owners help with education and training, babysitting and a nursery for puppies.



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The purchase price of the puppy includes:
  • International ID card (Passport) puppies will be chipped.
  • Purchase contract and information materials.
  • Feeding they are used to for the first days at home.
  • Accident, illness and liability insurance for 10 weeks from the date of delivery.
  • Gift package - (collar, leash for the first walks, some goodness, toy, bowl ....)
  • Proof of origin (usually received by post within 3 months)


And before you buy me, please read:
Dog ten
  1. 1. My life lasts 10-15 years. Every separation from you causes me sadness. Remember: you bought me!
    2. Give me time to understand what you want from me.
    3. Trust me. I will never intentionally disappoint you.
    4. Don't be angry with me for a long time and don't lock me up for punishment. You have your friends and fun, I only have you!
    5. Talk to me, even if I don't quite understand your words. All I have to do is hear your voice. Even though he can't speak, sometimes I feel like he understands me very well. And yet he is our best friend and we confide in friends, we tell them experiences from work, from school… They also want to hear it and feel important and necessary for us.
    6. Realize that if you beat me, I could playfully bite you, but I won't.
    7. If I'm ever bad at work, making mistakes, or lazy, think I'm not feeling well or tired. Even dogs have their days ...
    8. Take care of me, if I'm old, you'll grow old too. Decreasing strength, decreasing smiles, increasing pain and fatigue. And we are here to help, to do everything so that our dog can live the autumn of life with a sense of importance and joy.
    9. Always be with me in my difficult times, everything is better with me. We are the only ones that dogs have, whom they love indefinitely… We also suffer "better" in someone's arms. They have such a short life and they can give so much love, so much of ourselves in that moment, that we should wear them on our hands…
    10. When my time is up, don't let me suffer. If necessary, my suffering will end in time. Just please - stay with me for now.