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White Swiss Shepherd Dog   ::   Berger Blanc Suiss   ::   Bílý švýcarský ovčák

Official abbreviation: ACO, standard number: 347, FCI group: I


The dog is the only creature in the world that loves you more than himself.



I would like to introduce you to our family kennel and the WHITE SWISS SHEPHERD breed on this website. We hope that you will find everything you need to know about this dog breed, which fascinates us both in appearance and its amazing nature.


Dogs are our connection to paradise.
They do not know what evil or jealousy or dissatisfaction is.
Sitting with a dog on a hillside on a beautiful afternoon is like being
back in paradise, where doing nothing was boring - it was peace.


 štěňata of Aiwak's paradise


In 1996 we bought our first white shepherd, a dog named Aiwak from Paradise Sida, who won quite a few awards during his show career: Res. CAC, CAC, BOB ... and he also became the father of many beautiful and healthy puppies, which can boast both show results and success in training trials. Unfortunately, Aiwak left us on 27.12. 2008 to the dog's heaven and we will never forget him.

The white Swiss Shepherd captivated us with its appearance and character, so in 2009 we founded the official kennel: of Aiwak´s paradise. We are a small family kennel that tries to breed healthy and balanced individuals for the family and other sports activities.

We are looking for the best owners for puppies who will take care of them, provide love, health care and will not suffer mentally and physically. You can find out about current and planned puppies in the NEWS section and in the PUPPIES section, where you will learn HOW TO RESERVE.

We live in the picturesque village of Žermanice, which is located south of the town of Havířov. Our village forms an imaginary entrance gate to the recreational area, which is located around the dam Žermanice. We really like it here, because of the peaceful and beautiful landscape overlooking the nearby Beskydy Mountains. There is nothing more beautiful than roaming this amazing nature with your dogs.



We also offer additional services: dog sitting, training and kindergarten for puppies, reconditioning dog massages ....

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me.