Education and kindergarten for puppies

God gave the animals common sense, which was our strength in the past.
Naturally, every animal knows how to live, only we have to learn hard to learn.
-Mrgaret Atwoodová-


Currently, I only provide individual lessons.


Group course for puppies
  • The course consists of 7 consecutive lessons
  • max. number of participants is 5 puppies
  • age, up to 7 months
  • granules, treats, your dog's favorite toys, blanket, notebooks, collar, leash, delicacy

You can sign up by phone or email.

Course price: 1400 CZK


What to bring:
  • collar, leash, toy
  • granules, pouch for treats
  • Certificate of Vaccination
  • blanket or kenelka for doggy

In this course, during seven lessons in the form of play and positive strengthening of the puppy, he learns proper communication between people and dog friends. They will also learn the basic skills for living together in human society, the basics of summoning, sit, lie down, get up, how to be examined by a vet, etc. You will learn to work properly with rewards and how to avoid learning mistakes.


Training and school for puppies
  • The training takes place individually with the owner of the dog using a positive method. The training adapts to the age and mental maturity of the dog. I do not use corporal punishment.
  • Socialization of contact with other dogs takes place collectively upon agreement
  • Advice on solving problems with dogs I focus on the causes of creating bad behavior in the dog and on poor communication between man and dog


Terms of individual cooperation
  • The training lesson lasts 50-60 minutes
  • The lesson contains complete counseling, including practical demonstrations with instructions on how to continue with further training.
  • The price of an individual training lesson is 300, -
  • Free transport within Havířov, over CZK 6/1 km


Something about me:
  • Seminar on the topic: Clicker training (2011)
  • Seminar with trainer Bárt Bellon from Belgium (2013)
  • Mr. J. Ščučka's seminar on the topic: Obedience training by the positive method (2012)
  • Regular educational training weekends several times a year Mr. Roman Pecar (since 2012)
  • Dogdancing seminar with Alena Smolíková (2015)
  • František Šusta Seminar - Methodology of Positive Strengthening in Animals (2015)
  • Hitchhiking seminar with Iva Lžičařová (1st at the Rescue World Championships) (2016)
  • Koira Obedienc School with Julia Bukovinska, etc. (2017)
  • Over 20 years of experience with dogs and their training

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