Our family kennel is located in the village of Žermanice in a beautiful place with a view of the mountain panoramas, with plenty of green space for the enclosure of our dogs. For the owners of puppies, I provide a holiday babysitting service, a counseling service in the training and education of a puppy.


The village of Žermanice belongs to the district of Frýdek Místek and belongs to the town of Frýdek Místek. The village of Žermanice is located about nine kilometers northeast of Frýdek Místek. The number of permanent residents in this village is around 250 inhabitants. The river Lučina flows here. The village is 13 km from the Polish border. The dominant feature of the village is a dam built in 1951-1958 on the river Lučina.

The dam lake covers an area of 248 ha. floods the valley in the length of 5 km and nax. width 2.2 km, the greatest depth is 25m. This dam is suitable and widely used for recreation, swimming, water sports and fishing. After the construction of the dam, the natural monument Žermanický lom was created.

There are many species of fish in the reservoir, you can catch traditional carp or bream, but also large pike and zander, tench, eel, perch, grass carp, etc. Numerous private cottages and hotels, camps, caravan parks and several restaurants are built in the area.