As I already mentioned the fact that dogs and other animals are my life with joy and also breeding puppies is a great hobby for me, so I always plan everything in advance to have enough time to take care of the puppies so that they would be well socialized and had adequate nutrition for their correct developments. The puppies are the reward for any serious puppies breeder after long process of stud dog that requires both a lot of time devoted to exhibitions, meeteng all health requirements for the breed club and no doubt money. I like to pass all this even if my female dog should have descendants only once in her life. I always keep the rules and principles of the white shepherd club even though I think that some criteria are useless. I do not distinguish the price of puppy dog according to sex, because all puppies get what they need, both nutrition and veterinary care. When taking the puppies are properly wormed, vaccinated and checked by a responsible person designated inspect of white shepherd club. I also care about future owners of new puppies, therefore, they can contact me any time with any inquiries or advice, and I appreciate very much when they sent me occasional information and photos of puppies.


All puppies will receive by the sale:

International certificate of vaccination, (Passport), puppies will be chipped.

The purchase agreement and information materials.

Foods which are used to for the first days at home (3kg)

Gift Package - (collar, leash for first walks, some goody, toy)

Pedigree (usually comes by mail during 3 months)