Dog School

snoopy and learning

I have been dealing with cynology and sports training of dogs for twenty years. From my younger years many things have changed in cynology both in access to training and training in the methodology, many new sports with dogs increased in number and therefore each of us can choose what he wants to do with his dog both professionally and recreationally only for the pleasure of the game with your pet dog.

But what is the basis both for the dog and dog owner who does not want to take any training? If you decided to have your dog only as a partner, then you need basic obedience training of dog that is very important for proper development of the dog, but also for the owner. In cities such training is particularly important for handling the dog in both everyday situations and in non-standard situations. In particular, I start it from the puppy's age and in the correct socialization (familiarization with various sounds, strangers, travel in vehicles, etc.) when puppy can handle everything without problems, there is no problem for him to handle even the basics of obedience. Every dog is an individual and therefore he needs a different approach.

In my current practice I always try to educate and gain both new knowledge and experience with different breeds and in the methodology of training. Problem in a dog behavior almost originates from poor management and access of the owner. Everything takes time and patience and mental maturity of the dog.

What does a dog school mean?

Dog school deals with preschool education, training and socialization especially puppies and young dogs to prepare for other sports training in the future and to anticipate future problems of dog´s behavior (i.e. fear of people and his surroundings, aggression towards people and other animals). It's a place where the puppy enjoys itself with his peers and gets a few lessons from the behavior of adult dogs of various breeds, but also puppy gets the basics of socialization. Owners can learn with dogs different skills and dog obedience basics here . There is no corporal punishment, especially no punishment by hands, nobody shout at anyone, but on the other hand, there is no bullying. If an urchin bother some of the puppies the game ends for him. The best time for this socialization is not later than 8 months up to 1 year age of the dog and through play and fun. Owners have the opportunity to see their dog among other dogs in a team and in the individual approach.