Information about station

In 1996 we bought our first white shepherd. A dog named Aiwak of Sida's Paradise, which at that time his show career won numerous awards: Res. CAC, CAC, BOB... and also became a father of many beautiful and healthy puppies that boast both exhibition and the successful results of the tests during the training. Unfortunately, we left on Aiwak 27.12. 2008 to dog heaven, and we never forget. Information about some of the puppies from Aiwak you can find here:

In the autumn of 2007 we bought a female Meggie Jane of Kim's dream that she makes us happy and she has already passed the exam ZOP, ZZO, BH and going to the next. She is proud of her title Res.CAC. From our litter in 30 of April 2010 we had a female ARNI of Aiwak's paradise, which has participated in several exhibitions at home and in Poland, where she won in the category of young 2 times first place and the National Ostrava title CAC. Now we are expecting the birth her first puppies. Good luck to all.


 Arnie a Meggie