LItter C

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All puppies have their new home.Smile


Male: Carpy, Casper, Cassius, Cesar Julius

Female: Cassiopeia, Cathy, Celline, Cleopatra, Clever Lady

Eggy from Blatenských meadow + Meggi

born September 26, 2008, long-haired, height: 67cm, Hips: 0/0, ED: 0/0, (CAC, CAC, CACA, Grand Champion CZ, SK, Junior Champion ...... etc.), other titles and photos

Father: DRAGON la Blankpapilio, DS, height 65 cm, HD A, ED-A, DNA Genindexe, tests: ZPU1, ZZO, ZOP, ZM, IPO 1, shows: Grand Champion CZ, Champion CZ, SK, PL, CR Klub.šampion , CAC, BOB, BIS...

Mother: AYOKI of Kim's dream, DS, height 61cm, HD 0/0, test: ZZO, ZPU1, ZOP, shows: CAC, res.CAC...