History of the breed abroad

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Suddenly appeared...

first white shepherd, almost in the form we know it today, was presented at the exhibition in Hanover, already in 1882. Of course he was in a band together with a German shepherd because it was a German shepherd. The most famous of them was a male born in 1879 and named Greif. For his quality, including uprigth ears, which at that time certainly was not a matter of course, was used much in breeding. In 1888 at the exhibition German Shepherd named Greif was presented in Hamburg as the first white colored female. The owner of two White Shepherds and less well-known dog Greif II.was Baron von Knigge.

In 1899, Arthur Meyer saw at the show interesting dog named Hektor Linksrhein and pointed at this dog to his friend Max von Stephanitz. When Stephanitz went to see this dog he was excited and he bought it without hesitation. At that time it was common to rename the original names of dogs, including kennels, and so Hector Linksrhein became Horand von Grafrath. Horand was stained dark sable like his mother Lene. But Lene was the daughter of white Greif. Horand´s grandfather was then Greif. Horand, born 1th of January 1895, has as a hereditary basis gene for the white color. Hereditary talent for white coloration in the early breeding was strongly enhanced. But even if the ratio of white colored shepherd to other colors was reportedly 3-2 in favor of white shepherds, Berno von der Seewiese born in 1913 was written like firet white-colored in studbook.

As Europe has decided to forget him

German Shepherd´s creator, cavalry officer Max von Stephanitz first had nothing against colored German shepherds, but under pressure from many large breeders gradually changed his opinion. Fortunately, the Habsburgs and the imperial family Hohenzollerm found love for white German shepherds . So, white shepherds had little time at least through advocacy and thanks to following circumstances man could not destroy them so quickly and for the base, as some breeders of German shepherds had wished at that time.

White color with German Shepherds went out quietly and in particular the war period was very bad for them. Because of its distinctive coloring were not at war at all office use and then some people began to spread fiction about them. Contempt for the white colored German Shepherd of large breeders and prominent was so bad that after World War II man began to blame them from the cause of the occurrence of various diseases and "wicked" nature. As well as today, even if occasionally occurred in white individuals with faded color nose and bright nails, were all white colored German Shepherds wrongly considered albinos. They are generally associated with a source of endless series of ailments. However, white-colored German Shepherd or White Swiss Shepherd is not an albino! It only has white hair, like many other breeds. White individuals have occurred "always" and the white color shepherd dogs were particularly popular with the herds of sheep. For their color were unmistakable with wolves and shepherds were very satisfied with them. They could not afford to subsidize the sick or weak individuals.

Resentment and slander of some breeders of German Shepherds to white individuals have led so far that the breeders started to be ashamed for a white-colored German Shepherds and mostly secretly all white puppies put to death after the birth . Thus, although not all behaved like that, breeding had the bad luck. Those who were not spending, were finally disqualified at the shows eventually because in 1968 white coat was deleted as allowable standard colors appearing in the German Shepherd. And so for a very short time a white German shepherd coloration virtually disappeared from the public eye.

Migration Europe - America and back

At the turn of the 19th and 20 century, Anne Tracy imported several differently colored subjects and white German shepherd to America after visit of the Habsburgs and she was excited of their nature and decided to breed. The popularity of white colored German Shepherds posted in American film called The White Shadow, whose main character was white colored German Shepherd.

Senseless mania also came to America to phase out white colored German shepherds from breeding. Fortunately, they found a better solution there . They bred all color varieties of German Shepherd, with the white-colored individuals treated separately from other colors. In America and Canada white colored German Shepherds found many supporters.

Perhaps only Canadian Kennel Club did not connected to contempt for the white colored German Shepherd. In 1964, Sacramento, California, the first club for white colored German Shepherd was established. Since 1968, none of the club and the association, excet above mentioned Canadian Kennel Club, have registered colored white German shepherds in studbooks. In Europe, people have not spoken about the white colored German Shepherds for a long time and it was considered that, after the decommissioning of all white shepherds they were lost in the river of time.

Finally, they came back to Europe in 1970. Swiss lady, Agata Burch, who lived in the USA and knew white shepherds very well, imported from USA dog named Lobo White Burch, born in March 5, 1966 . Lobo was not only a beautiful representative of the breed, but also an excellent working dog. Moreover, he composed such SchH3 trial. And „A“ in the following year. Mrs. Burch imported one female dog more from England , Blinkbonny of White Lilac. From the connection of two mentioned white shepherds three dogs and one female were born in April 19, 1973. This litter was entered in the additional registry SHSB (the Swiss stud book). Later she brought another female, White Beauty, from California to Switzerland, and bred two litters. But after that she returned to America. Fortunately, after moving out to the U.S. another entusiast Korn Kurt took the white dog breed. White Shepherd is slowly getting to other breeders who began to devote to his breed, despite considerable bureaucratic problems. In the eighties of the 20th century, another great enthusiast for white shepherds appeared - Swiss J. Epprecht. Above all, he took care of quite a big boom, this time not a German shepherd, but the US-Canadian white shepherd in Europe. Who invented for the white German shepherd this name, we probably may not know. Certainly it is not taken from American name, because it is known as "white German shepherd“ there.

And just because they still recognized in Canada and America (Kennel Club) the German shepherd of all color varieties, so white colored shepherd is still a German shepherd there. (It also explains why in some atlases and encyclopedias occur in breed "German Shepherd dogs white, cream or ... the longhaired, but you will not find " Swiss white shepherd, " there.) Nevertheless, the Americas club for owners and fans of white colored German Shepherds were based, and some breeders focus on breeding only white colored dogs. It should be noted that there are also several kennels focusing exclusively on all black colored German Shepherd.