Our Dogs

Let me introduce my pets, who are the part of me and our family.


Arnie of Aiwak´s paradise

Date of birth: 30. 4. 2010

Breeding female FCI


Height:           58,5 cm, short-haired

Teeth:            complete, scissor

Rtg.:               HD A, ED 0, BAER test OK

MDR +/+ (clear)

DM N/N    (clear)


Exhibitions:     Excellent, CAC, res.CAC, res. CAC San Marino, CH Crne Gore, CH Philipine ....

Working tests: ZOP, ZPU 1, ZM, BH


Father: Ideal Caress Donnevara, DS, HD 1/1 (always excellent , res. CAC)

Mother: Jane Kim of Maggies's dream, KS, HD 0/0 (excellent, res.CAC, tests: ZZO, ZOP)

Arna is the first descendant of our kennels with a lively and balanced nature. Arna is an incredibly hot girl which exhausted me, but she likes working on the parade ground very much where she enjoyes learning different tricks. She also likes company, but is also a good guard. She is preparing for the test.



Gloria vom Durbuscher Forst



Date of birth: 27. 6. 2013

Breeding female FCI

Height:          60 cm, long hair

RTG:              HD A/B, ED 0, BAER test OK, MDR +/+, DM N/dm

Teeth:           complete, scissor

Otec:             I Love Boy P´tits Loups d´Amour

Matka:           Joyfull White Angel´s Amelie

Exhibitions:   Excelent, res. CAC, CAJC, CAC, BOB, BOS, Club Champion, Champion Poland ....

Working tests:     


Gloria is very nice dog with good character.





F. Jane of Aiwak´s paradise

11. 12. 2015

Breeding female FCI

Height:          58 cm, long hair

RTG:              HD A, ED 0, BAER test OK

MDR  +/+      ( for parents )

DM    N/N 

Teeth:           complete, scissor

Otec:             Allegro of Shadasa HD A, ED 0, MDR +/+, DM N/N,....

Matka:          Arnie of Aiwak´s paradise HD A, ED 0, MDR +/+, DM N/N, BAER test OK

Exhibitions:   Excelent, res. CAC, CAJC, CAC, BOB, BOS ....

Working tests:     


Kety and Vampy

These two yorkshire are an integral part of our pack. They like best running in the garden and sleeping in bed with me. Because they are terriers, they feel they are the boss, so I have to bring them into line.







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VRH A - nar. 30. 4. 2010

M: Meggie Jane of Kim´s dream   O: Ideal Cares Donnevara ( 64 cm, HD 1/1, DS )

Narození: 3 psi a 3 fenky

Amos : DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, chybí LDI 3, v. 67,5 cm,KS   ….maj. V. Gerhatová

Atos: KS, maj. S. Křesťanová, 

Aramis: KS, maj. S. Chroboczek

Adelheid: DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, plnochrupá, v. 60 cm, KS ….maj. E. Szaboová ( chovná )


Aida: nehoda autem …nepřežila

Arnie: DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, MDR +/+, DM N/N, plnochrupá, v. 58,5 cm, KS …u nás




VRH B – nar. 9. 8. 2012

M: Arnie of Aiwak´s paradise   O: Gomer La Blankpapilio ( 61 cm, DS, DKK 0/0,DLK 0/0, MDR +/+ )

Narození: 3 psi

Ben Nez: KS, plnochrupý, DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0 ( HD A, ED 0 ) maj. J. Kubošková

Brix Boel: KS, plnochrupý,maj. P. Říhovský

Bazzy Och: KS, plnochrupý, DKK 1/1, DLK 0/0 ( HD B, ED 0 ) maj. V. Jízdná



VRH C – nar. 10. 12. 2012

M: Meggie Jane of Kim´s dream   O: Eggy z Blatenských luk ( 67cm, DS, DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, MDR +/+ )

Narození: 4 psi a 5 fenek

Carpy: KS, plnochrupý 

Casper: KS, maj. V. Hulová

Cassius: KS, maj. J. Páv

Cesar Julius: KS, plnochrupý, maj. M. Kerzlová DKK 0/0, DLK 0/3

Cassiopeia: KS, maj. J. Kovandová

Cathy: KS, plnochrupá, maj. V. Štěpničková,

Celline: KS, plnochrupá, DKK 1/1, DLK 0/3, maj. D. Kožušníková

Cleopatra: KS, plnochrupá, DKK 0/0, DLK 1/1 , maj. Š. Krejčová

Clever Lady: KS, plnochrupá, v. 60 cm, DKK 0/0, DLK 0/3, nechovná, maj. V. Pěnkavová, www.andelnoci.cz



VRH D – nar. 4. 8. 2013

( zahraniční krytí Itálie )

M: Arnie of Aiwak´s paradise   O: Faelan vom Terluner Schloss ( 66 cm, KS,  HD B, ED 0, MDR +/+ )

Narození: 3 psi a 1 fenka

Darling Boy: DS, maj. S. Bobriková ( Slovensko )

Diamond King: KS,plnochrupý, DKK 2/2, DLK 0/0, maj. Mgr. R. Jurčík

Dragon Fly: KS, maj. D. Hermanová ( Slovensko )

Dori Princess: KS, plnochrupá, DKK 0/1 , DLK 0/0, maj. P. Adámek



VRH E – nar. 29. 9. 2014

M: Arnie of Aiwak´s paradise   O: Lars la Blankpapilio ( 63 cm, DS,  DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, MDR +/+, DM N/ dom. )

Narození: 4 psi a 2 fenky

Eddy: KS, maj. F. Nemec ( Slovensko )

Elliot: DS, maj. F. Nemec ( Slovensko )

Eggon: DS, maj. P. Fiala

Energy Boy: KS, maj. A. Kokotek

Emilie: DS, maj. J. Konigová

Ennie: KS, maj. V. Žižková 



 VRH F – nar. 12. 11. 2015

( zahraniční krytí Holandsko )

M: Arnie of Aiwak´s paradise   O: Allegro of Shadasa ( 62 cm, kS,  DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, MDR +/+, DM N/ N, MH N/N )

Narození: 3 psi a 3 fenky


Fire Dragon: KS, maj. H. Pecinová

Fly Boy: KS, maj. J. Plešková

Flyn: DS, maj. p. Široký, plnochrupý, DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0 ( HD A, ED 0) CHOVNÝ PES

F. Jane: DS, maj. I. Horáková ( chovatel ), plnochrupá, DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0

Fantastic Lady: KS, maj. M. Paszová

Freedom: KS, maj. I. Nováková ( Francie )



 VRH G – nar. 3. 3. 2016

M: Gloria vom Durbuscher forst   O: Jimmy z Blatenských luk ( 62 cm, DS,  DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, MDR +/+, DM N/ N, MH N/N )

Narození: 5 psů a 1 fenka

Gabe: DS, maj. A. Hlaváčková

Gaston: DS, maj. P. Hrabě

Gentleman: DS, maj. T. Sacká

Golden Boy: DS, maj. J. Štěpánová ( Mexiko )

Good Boy: DS, maj. J. Štěpánová ( Mexiko )

Gloria: DS, maj. J. Žídek, plnochrupa, DKK 0/1, DLK 0/0 ( HD A/B, ED 0 )


VRH H – nar. 13. 1. 2017

M: Arnie of Aiwak´s paradise   O: Iron de L´esprit du Sud ( DS,  DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, MDR +/+, DM N/ N, MH N/dm )

Narození: 2 psi a 4 fenky


Hunter: DS, maj. MUDr. Holesz

Hagrid: DS, maj. L. Roman

Happy Girl: KS, maj. J. Tiefenbacher ( Slovensko )

Heidi: KS, maj. J. Muroň

Holly: KS, maj. J. Tichý

Honey: DS, maj. p. Vojta




VRH CH – nar. 1. 12. 2017


M: Gloria vom Durbuscher forst   O: Koda z Blatenských luk ( 62 cm, DS,  DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, MDR +/+, DM N/ N, MH N/N )


Narození: 1 pejsek a 3 fenky


Christmas Boy: DS, maj. p. Musiolová


Christi: DS, maj.  p. Michalíková


Charlotta: DS, maj. p. Laryšová


Charming Niki: DS, maj. p. Kroček



 VRH I – nar. 23. 3. 2018


M: Arnie of Aiwak´s paradise   O: Chiko z Blatenských luk (  DS,  DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, MDR +/+, DM N/N )


Narození: 4 psi a 2 fenky


Iron: DS, maj. J. Seidlein, Německo


Irbis: KS, maj. A. Kufová


Indigo: DS, maj. L. Kompaniková, Slovensko


Ikarus: KS, maj. M. Dobeš


Irish Beauty: KS, maj. D. Graf


Ice Foxy: DS, maj. M. Trpiš


VRH J – nar. 25. 6. 2018

M: F. Jane of Aiwak´s paradise   O: Jimmy z Blatenských luk ( DS,  DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, MDR +/+, DM N/ N )

Narození: 3 psi a 5 fenek

J. Avor: DS, maj. Mohammad Mahrous Fayad

Jimmy: DS, maj. T. Czernek

J. Solo: DS, maj. J. Ftorek ( Slovensko )

June Jasmine: DS, maj. J. Honzík

J. Snowie: DS, maj. M. Čížek

Jessie: DS, maj. A. Hanousková Stolinová

Jenny: DS, maj. V. Matušková

Johan Lady: DS, H. Lukášová






Exhibitions and awards

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in April 14, 2012 in the show NDS Ostrava Arnie won CAC title


In April 7, 2012 Arnie attended the club show with rating excellent.


in April 7, 2012 BREEDING took place (DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0, height 58.5 cm) BREEDING


in April 17, 2011 Arnie fulfiled the lead of white shepherd club

in July 3, 2011 Arnie was placed on the top spot in the show NV in Bielsko-Biala in Poland in junior class CAJC


in April 9, 2011 Arnie participated the show NVP in Ostrava rating excellent for 2th place with very nice judgment (moderate female, excelent head , good topline, meanwhile subtler chest, good movement, beautiful coat)


in March 20, 2011 Arnie attended the show MNV in Katowice (Poland) with a grade winner of young CAC


in September 25, 2010 Arnie attended the show NVP in Brno in the category of puppies. She received marking VN 1. Arnie first met show atmosphere and the people associated with it and it was her first success when she was the first from three females . Arnie was handy and in the ring she felt like a professional.


Meggie Jane


in July 5, 2012 Meggie passed exam ZPU 1

in August 9, 2008 she passed exam ZOP very well

in May 17, 2009 Meggi passed test ZZO and enjoyed it very much because she has received dainties

in March 30, 2008 she fulfiled young lead

in April 11, 2009 she fulfiled breeding (HD 0/0, Height: 58, Hair: KS)

in January 11, 2009 NV Olomouc, title Res. CAC

in October 30, 2011 she passed tests BH


Chovní psi

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There are no translations available.

Flyn of Aiwak´s paradise: nar. 12.11. 2015 ( majitel: Jan Široký )

- plnochrupý, skus nůžkový ( complete teeth )

- 65 cm, dlouhosrstý ( long hair )

- DKK 0/0, DLK 0/0 ( HD A, ED 0 )


- MDR1 +/+ ( clear ), DM N/N ( clear ), MH N/N ( clear )

- zkoušky: BH, ZM, IGP 1, ZZO 1 

- Výborný, CAC, 




Bazzy Och of Aiwak´s paradise: nar. 9. 8. 2012 maj. Vladimíra Jízdná

- FCI chovný

- 63 cm, plnochrupý, skus nůžkový ( complete teeth )

- polodluhá srst

- DKK 1/1, DLK 0 ( HD B/B, ED 0 )

- MDR1 +/+ ( clear ), DM N/N ( clear ) - po rodičích


........................NA STRÁNKÁCH SE PRACUJE.....



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Pedigree: http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/white_shepherd/dog.html?id=1848698-arnie-of-aiwak180s-paradise-hd-a-ed-0-mdr